Closing ceremony Theatre play “Iliad” by Homer

Antique theatre


21:00 hrs

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Homer’s “Iliad” is the primal source of Europe. It is its beginning its sprout, the start and great purpose. Iliad is the basic narrative, the pre-novel, pre-opera, pre-spectacle. “Iliad” is the primary education and literary peak. Iliad is part of each and every one of us…

The theatre play you are about to witness is innovative and grand. In its classical form it brings through inspiration of the theatrical avant-garde with subtle leads to the modern history of the Balkans. The performance begins as an opera in concert, the actors in formal concert wear are seated and they tell the bloody tale of Iliad on microphones. The microphones are not there only to enrich the sound of the words, but to bring forward the narration, rhythm of the dactylic hexameter, sound imagery, accompanying the narrative- as a heartbeat and an echo of a horse throttle. The narrated introduction slowly becomes an integral theatre performance with a universal message understandable for the whole audience”

Nika Arhar

Jernej Lorenci (b. 1973) is a stage director and lecturer at the Academy for theatre, radio, film and television in Ljubljana. As a director he has been awarded numerous prizes among which Grand Prix for best drama performance and the prize for best director at the Maribor Theatre Festival, the prize “Sheligo” award at the Week of Slovenian drama, the “Politika” prize awarded for best director at the BITEF festival in 2013 etc. Lorenci has worked with most Slovenian theatre companies, but has also guest-directed at the Croatian National Theatre and the Zagreb Youth Theatre (ZKM). Most recently he is the winner of the prestigious prize Premio Europa in 2017.


Dramaturgs: Eva Mahkovic, Matic Starina

Set Designer: Branko Hojnik

Costume Designer: Belinda Radulović

Choreographer and assistant director: Gregor Luštek



Achilles: Jure Henigman

Thetis: Nina Ivanišin

Paris: Aljaž Jovanović

Hephaestos: Gregor Luštek

Hector: Marko Mandić

Briseis: Zvezdana Novaković

Hera: Jette Ostan Vejrup

Helen of Troy: Mia Skrbinac

Zeus: Matej Puc

Patroclus:Blaž Setnikar,

Priam: Janez Škof,

Agammemnon: Primoz Pirnat


Performance is suitable for all ages.