NI OHRID SUMMER Ohrid is a non-profit national institution in the field of culture whose main activity is the organization of the international music and stage festival “Ohrid Summer”.
The festival was founded in 1961 and is held every year from July 12 to August 20 in Ohrid, under the patronage of the President of the Republic of North Macedonia, with financial support from the Ministry of Culture, Local Government and numerous sponsors. and donors.
Since 1994, Ohrid Summer has been a member of the European Association of Festivals based in Brussels, Belgium, a cultural network that has united 200 festivals and festival associations from 40 countries for more than seven decades.
“Ohrid Summer” is a signatory of the Declaration on Intercultural Dialogue at Art Festivals and is the holder of the so-called “Festlab Passport” awarded by the EU Commissioner for Culture, Mr. Jan Figel for exceptional creativity and innovation. The festival has been awarded many times with the highest decorations by the presidency of SFRY, in 1980 with the Order of Merit for the People with a gold star and in 2010 by the President with the Order of Merit for Macedonia.
The Ohrid Summer Festival in 2009, 2013, 2014 and 2015 was named the biggest tourist event, an award given by the Ministry of Economy on the occasion of World Tourism Day – September 27.
The activity of the NI “Ohrid Summer” is of national importance and interest for the Republic of Northern Macedonia.


The Ohrid Summer Festival is specific and special, recognizable and unique in our region, as well as one of the most prominent cultural events in Europe that promotes the spiritual and cultural center Ohrid. The Ohrid Summer National Institution will continue to nurture the high level of quality of cultural activity, as well as the genre, national and international diversity through nurturing, discovering and disseminating high cultural values, with the intention of achieving even higher achievements in European and world cultural frameworks. .


  • Respect for high artistic and aesthetic values ​​and criteria;
  • Nurturing the rich cultural tradition;
  • Enrichment of cultural contents and creation of new values;
  • Creating culture as a service to its citizens;
  • Development of cultural tourism in the city and the country through the promotion of cultural heritage;
  • Development and stimulation of domestic art;
  • Increasing the productivity of the institution;
  • Greater adaptation to constant changes in modern work processes and achieving greater flexibility and readiness for change;
    Upgrading of space and stage capacities;
  • Increasing the offer of attractive programs and projects in the additional program throughout the year;
  • Encouraging artistic exchange of projects and programs with related festivals and associations in Macedonia and abroad. Involvement in European and international cultural networks and projects;
  • Taking a leading role in connecting all institutions in the field of culture; Organizing or mediating in the presentation of contemporary art projects in the country and beyond, through an agency operation, ie a service for preparation, organization and realization of programs and guest appearances.

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