Duke Bojadziev

Dolni Saraj


22:00 hrs

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Duke Bojadziev-piano, vocal

Ismail Lumanovski- clarinet

Martin Gjakonovski- double bass

Kostas Anastasiadis- drums, percussion

Natasha Petrovic- vocal, narration


Duke Bojadziev is a Macedonian composer, pianist and producer who has been living and working in New York since 2001. He is a graduate of the Medical school in Skopje, and the Berkeley College in Boston.  In the course of his international career he has collaborated with Oscar winners Jonathan Demme and Danis Tanovich as well as with Rajko Grlic and Stole Popov. Duke’s music has been featured in commercials for such brands as Peugeot, Lancome and L’oreal, and in world music compilation such as Buddha Bar and Marrakesh Express. He has produced music for Cindy Lauper and Telepop music and has performed in prestigious concert venues that include the Carnegie Hall in New York, Avalon Theatre in Los Angeles and the Antique theatre in Ohrid.