Piano Duo Gelebeshevi

  Since the early day of the formation of the Duo Gelebeshevi in 2001, this piano duo consisting of Katerina Gelebesheva Kostadinovska and Gligor Gelebeshev has established itself on the Macedonian music scene as an ensemble of rare vitality and freshness. Presenting a high quality of performance, their concerts are characterized by a highly perfected musical creation that brings to the surface the essential details of all pieces in terms of technical, artistic and stylistics aspects. Many of their concerts feature premiere performances of pieces for duo piano, and their career has taken them on international podiums in France, Holland, Italy, Romania, Poland, the USA, Croatia, Slovenia etc. They have performed in all cities of Macedonia and at the most important festivals in the country including “Interefest” and “Heraclea Evengings” in Bitola, Days of Macedonian music in Skopje, Golden Lyra etc. In 2012 they have been awarded the prize “Golden Lyra” by the Association of musicians of Macedonia and in 2016 they performed as soloists with the Macedonian philharmonic orchestra interpreting the Concerto for 2 pianos and orchestra by Poulenc. The repertoire of Duo Gelebeshevi covers all periods from classical to contemporary and they have published 2 CD’s in 2008 and in 2018 which were highly acclaimed by the music critics.