Theatre play: Hansel and Gretel By: The Brothers Grimm; Stage director: Davor Dragojevic

Dolni Saraj


20:00 hrs

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Theatre for children and youth, Skopje


Hansel and Gretel are the most famous brother and sister in the literature for children. The Brothers Grimm have given them “eternal” life as generations and generations have told the story about the true love between siblings, their kindness and wish for a happy family.


Gretel is kind, a little timid, Hansel is curious and brave, but as they face the evil witch who has cast a spell on their father the reality and fantasy intertwine. The most important message of this story is that even in the hardest of times you should still have faith.

Can a story like this survive in today’s world when the children are given a variety of content? Can it fight the new technologies, the computer games and the 3D animation? It certainly can- and it is the power of theatre that will keep it alive.



Katarina Ilievska Siljanovska

Marija Gjorgjijovska

Dragan Dovlev

Ana Levajkovic Boshkov

 Angela Dimitrova


Dramatization: Darko Kovachovski and Nadja Vasileva

Set design and costumes: Nadja Vasileva

Music composed by: Ljupcho Mirkovski


Intended for an entire audience

Duration time: 50 mins