Association of Jazz Musicians of Macedonia Collective strings

  The Association of Jazz Musicians and Free artists (ZJM) is a non-governmental organization established in 2016 with a unique goal to unite the jazz musicians that work in Macedonia and to bring to the front the Macedonian jazz music, both in the country and abroad. Members of the Association are some of Macedonia’s finest jazz musicians- performers, composers, students and professors of the Jazz Academies in Skopje and Shtip, as well as free artists, jazz music lovers and supporters of this kind of music. The association works towards creating better conditions for music-making, education of young talent and popularization of the jazz culture in Macedonia. The concert ZJM Collective & Strings will have its premiere at the Ohird Summer festival and will feature an all Macedonian composer and performer blend of musicians that are members of ZJM. The sound will be created by 23 of the finest jazz musicians and it will reflect the current jazz trends in Macedonia.