Book promotion „Тhe colors of my music”

By: Snezhana Anastasova-Chadikovska and Marko Kolovski


The book ”The colours of my music” is the story of the life and career path of Snezhana Anastasova-Chadikovska- an established pianist, piano pedagogue, musical publisher, educator and organizer of cultural events.

Snezhana Anastsova-Chadikovska by sharing her personal memories about the context in which she grew her professional opus, and with musicologist Marko Kolovski offering an insight from another perspective- the two of them create a unique literary work that offers an enjoyable reading experience. The book is a colourful, rich, shining work, much like the painting “Hypostasis of life” by artists Venjamin Hadzi-Naumov used for the cover of the book that visually enhances it’s content.

The book promotion presents a rare opportunity for the public to have a glance between the covers, to learn about the context, about the inspiration, the contemporaries and more, to learn about Snezhana Anastasova-Chadikovska in an evening filled with the Colours of her music…


Publisher: Music Publishing centre (MIC)


Ilindenka Petrusheva- film theoretician/ historian, film critic, essayist

Aleksandar Trajkovski-Music theoretician, researcher, pedagogue and publicist

Moderator of the promotion:

Milcho Jovanovski- Director of the National institution Library “Grigor Prlichev”- Ohrid, journalist and publicist

Moderator: Natasha Poposka Karche- Painter, artists, Doctor of Dental Medicine


27 Jul 2023




Vestibule of St. Sophia church


Vestibule of St. Sophia church

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