Chamber ensemble “Camerata Academica”, R. Slovenia

Karlina Shantl-Zhupan- flute

Matej Sharc- oboe

Jozhe Kotar- clarinet

Zoran Mitev- bassoon

Jozhe Rosher- horn

Miha Rogina- saxophone


The ensemble ”Camerata Academica” comprises of Slovenian musicians, professors at the Music Academy in Ljubljana and acclaimed soloists of the Slovenian Philharmonic orchestra.

Founded in 2020, the main aim of the ensemble was to promote the class of woodwind instruments from the Music Academy in Ljubljana, but the ensemble forces are not fixed, and they change according to the requirements of the repertoire. The ensemble often preforms works written and dedicated to them, but their programmes also feature transcriptions of works originally written for other instrumental ensembles (other wind ensembles or strings).  This kind of flexibility has given the “Camerata Academica” a vast choice of repertoire spanning from early music to contemporary and newly written compositions. The quality of performance of the ensemble is visible not just by their ability to transform through musical periods, but also due to the virtuosity and technical abilities of the individual musicians. The chamber group performing at the Ohrid Summer Festival is a sextet of flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn and saxophone, and this particular formation is exceptionally interesting due to the sound qualities of the instruments and their capacity of creation rich soundscapes offering intense musicianship as well as subtle nuances.




  1. Heiden: Intrada


  1. Livrinski: So maki sum se rodil (variations for wind sextet on the Macedonian traditional song*

*World premiere performance, written for the Ohrid Summer Festival



  1. Janacek: “Youth” for wind sextet

Allegro- Andante Sostenuto- Vivace-Allegro Animato






  1. Eychenne: Sextuor



Finale (Tempo di Valse)



  1. Kravos: SAXtet *

                   * New work dedicated to Camerata Academica written for the Festival Imago



  1. Shuplevski and T. Skalovski (arr. Zoran Mitev): Arrangement of choir compositions for wind sextet


-Kazi mi kazi Katinкe

-Macedonian humoresque


01 Aug 2023






Church St. Sophia


Church St. Sophia
Car Samoil 88, Ohrid 6000

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