Concert dedicated to the flutist Ilija Zimbo

Piano Trio oboe,  bassoon, piano

Comprising of three established Macedonian musicians Tatijana Petrushevska Karaskakovska, principal oboe of the National opera and ballet orchestra, Marjan Miloshevski principal bassoon of the National opera and ballet orchestra and professor at the Faculty of Music and Petar Makarievski pianist and artistic associate of the Faculty for Drama in Skopje, this trio started its musical journey in 2014.

The three musicians that are the forces of the ensembles are masters of their own respective instruments but are also driven by the strive to broaden their repertoire and create chamber music together, they embark on a quest to explore challenging new works from all epochs that require specific virtuosity and dedication.

The trio had its concert debut at the concert and CD promotion in honour of the late flutist Ilija Zimbo in Skopje. This concert was followed by many more in nearly all cities in Macedonia, as well as a concert in Novi Sad, Serbia in the year when this city was the European capital of culture. In 2022 the Macedonian composers Vanja Nikolovski-Gjumar and Filip Ivanov wrote and dedicated works to the Piano Trio, and their example was followed in the next year by composers Kostadin Delinikolov and Goran Nachevski whose works were premiered at the Days of Macedonian Music festival.

The trio is characterized by a refined, powerful sound and precise rendition of the music highlighting the virtuosity and individuality of its members.


Tatijana Petrushevska Karaskakovska- oboe

Born in Kumanovo, Tatijana Petrushevska Karaskakovsка starts learning the oboe at the Music and ballet centre in Skopje in the class of prof. Vasil Atanasov, and she graduates from the Faculty of music in the class of prof. Kiro Davidovska. She continues to earn her master’s degree in 2015 with honors in the class of prof. Gordana Josifova-Nedelkovska.  As a student she is active on the concert podium, and she is the founder of the wind quintet “Art” and the Chamber studio “Bachus” with which she performs numerous concerts while also being a part time musician at the Macedonian philharmonic and the Orchestra of the Macedonian opera and ballet. Her curiosity to constantly explore new repertoire has led her to work with the Opera trio (oboe, clarinet, bassoon), as well as the Piano trio (oboe, bassoon, piano), while she works with different ensembles for both contemporary and baroque music. In 2010 she releases her first solo CD, and in 2018 with the Opera Trio they produce the CD entitled “The sound of the reeds”. Many of her concerts have been recorded for TV and radio, and she is featured on other collaborative CD releases. She has played with the Nis Symphony orchestra, with the orchestras of the operas in Rijeka and Split, and the Macedonian Philharmonic and on many international festivals including the Rijeka summer nights, Split Summer festival, and in concert in Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Greece, Ukraine, Croatia, Portugal etc.

She works as the principal oboe of the orchestra of the National opera ballet.


Marjan Miloshevski-bassoon

Marjan Miloshevski started his music education playing the accordion until he was 14 years old when he took up the bassoon and started learning the instrumental skills at the Music high school in Skopje. He continued his music studies at the Faculty of music in the class of prof. P. Trajkovski and earned his master’s degree in 2003. During his studies he plays with the Faculty’s orchestra, performs in recital and chamber music and as one of the most promising instrumentalists at the woodwind department, he was chosen twice to perform as soloist with the Macedonian philharmonic.

His first professional engagements were with the “St. Sophia” contemporary chamber music ensemble with which he performs at the Ohrid Summer festival and the Days of Macedonian Music festival. Soon thereafter he becomes an orchestra member of the National opera and ballet, and in 2000 he is a guest orchestra member of the Opera in Tirana, Albania.

Following  his participation at the Master class in Dubrovnik in 2022 he is chosen to be one of the musicians in the contemporary music orchestra “Sonemus” performing numerous concerts in the Balkans and in Europe. In 2004 he founds the music workshop “Ad Libitum” that features the work of a bassoon quartet and a woodwind quartet. He regularly performs with his chamber music partners, pianists Marija Vrshkova, Sara Projkovska and Petar Makarievski. He is an active member of several chamber music formations including Trio “Auria”, “Opera” trio, Wind quintet of the Macedonian opera, “Sonoris”, “Kon tempora”, Piano Trio, “Ba-rok” etc.. He has performed in all former Yugoslavian countries, Switzerland, USA, Bulgaria, Russia and Israel.

He works as the principal bassoonist of the National opera and ballet and is on teaching bassoon and chamber music at the Faculty of music in Skopje.


Petar Makarievski-piano

Born in Skopje, Petar Makarievski graduates from the Faculty of Music in Skopje in the class of prof. Jasminka Chakar in 2001 , and continues to earn his master’s degree with prof. Anton Dikov at the State Music Academy in Sofia in 2003.  In 2011 he is an assistant at the Atlanta State University (USA) where he completes another cycle of master’s studies in the class of prof. Sergio Gallo. During his stay in Atlanta, he is actively performing in recital, chamber music and following the win at the Instrumental concert competition, Makarievski is given the opportunity to be the soloist with several orchestras which earn him positive critics in the press. In 2005 he founded the piano duo with Vesna Angelova, and in the same year he starts a long-lasting collaboration with oboist Tatijana Petrushevska. In 2014 the two are joined by Marjan Miloshevski to form the Piano Trio oboe, bassoon, piano and perform with success at numerous venues in Macedonia and abroad. Makarievski and Angelova together with Marija Vrskova establish a six hands piano ensemble in 2022.

He has performed as soloist with the Macedonian philharmonic and has appeared in concerts in Bulgaria, Serbia, Kosovo, Germany and the USA.

His pedagogic activity has seen him as a teacher and piano accompanist at the Music and ballet center “Ilija Nikolovski-Luj”, he was the official accompanist of the International competition in Prishtina, assistant-teacher for piano at the Atlanta State University, and an accompanist at the Faculty of music in Skopje. Since 2019 he is an artistic associate (piano) at the Faculty for drama in Skopje, and also teaches at the private music school “Pianoforte”.




  1. Blavet: Sonate “La Vibray” op.2 no. 2

La Vibray. Andante

Allemanda. Allegro

Gavotte. Les Coquets

Sarabanda. Largo



  1. Poulenc: Sonata for oboe and piano





  1. Saint- Saens: Sonata for bassoon and piano op. 168

 Allegro moderato

 Allegro scherzando

 Molto adagio / Allegro moderato




  1. Glinka: Trio pathetique

Allegro moderato

Scherzo. Vivacissimo


Allegro con spirito


  1. Poulenc: Trio for oboe, bassoon and piano





19 Jul 2023






Church St. Sophia


Church St. Sophia
Car Samoil 88, Ohrid 6000

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