Concert “Monastir”, Israel

Sarah Aroeste – vocal
Helena Susha – vocal
Sefedin Bajramov-vocal
Shai Bachar– keyboards
Shani Shavit– bass guitar
Maayan Doari –percussions
Vevki Amedov-clarinet


Monastir, led by American singer and composer Sarah Aroeste, celebrates the rich Jewish culture that once flourished in Monastir (now Bitola) before WWII. With ancestral roots from Monastir, Aroeste has dedicated years of research highlighting the stories of this beautiful lost community. Monastir brings together musicians from Israel, N. Macedonia and the USA to perform songs that were once beloved by Monastir’s Jews, with themes ranging from nostalgia to heartache, salvation and more. Some songs are presented in Ladino, the Sephardic language spoken by the Monastirli Jews, others are in Hebrew, and still others are in Macedonian and reference Monastir and its Jewish population. Curated and arranged during the pandemic by Aroeste and musical collaborator Shai Bachar (Israel), the recorded Monastir album was released in June 2021 to international acclaim and awards. This summer marks the premiere of Monastir’s live performance. Featured artists include Sarah Aroeste, Helena Susha, Sefedin Bajramov, Vevki Amedov, Shai Bachar, Maayan Doari, Shani Shavit and other special guests. With stunning visuals and compositions both old and new, Monastir tells the musical story of a once-vibrant part of the country’s history. Itis a poignant snapshot of a bygone time, and one of hope in the music that still lives on today.


24 Jul 2022




Vestibule of St. Sophia church


Vestibule of St. Sophia church

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