Premiere of the play ”Sex, lies and Jealousy” by Marco Camoletti, directed by Kole Angelovski

Performed by NI Cente for culture ”Grigor Prlichev” Ohrid and National theatre Ohrid


Marc Camoletti is one of the great masters of French theatre and of the so-called “comedy boulevard” in which the author takes account of the love intrigues between man and woman, unexpected turning points and character roles which enable the actors to have fun together with the audience. Written in the sixties, the play has successfully been performed world-wide to great audience receipt. The author- Marc Camoletti, as a legitimate heir of Feydeau perfectly rules over the structure of the so-called comedy of situations. The plot is fairly simple and projects around the lives of two modern couples that are intertwined in an unusual way. It is an emotional carousel full of intrigues, identity changes, insinuations, and jealousy. The action takes place in a building, in a modern apartment with a beautiful view of the city, with elegant and modern costumes. The untried “conductor” of this burlesque is the housekeeper who is always on stage and with a multitude of improvisations attempts to justify the things happening around her. This is a play about love, betrayal, faith, and hope. It is about the bright side of life, about the little sparks in each and every one of us, it is about as the French say, “joie de vivre”, it is about the joy of living.


Kole Angelovski was born in Skopje in 1943. He is a graduate of the Academy for film and theatre in Belgrade. All his working life he has been an employee of the Drama theatre in Skopje. He has performed many roles on the stage of this theatre but has also acted in films and TV series in former Yugoslavia. As a stage director he has directed over 100 plays and is consider one of Macedonia’s finest directors.

Strezo Stamatovski
Nikola Todoroski
Andrijana Bilalovic-Todoroska
Elizabeta Stefanovska
Biljana Bilalovic-Veljanoska
Marija Novak


13 Jul 2022






Centre for culture ”Grigor Prlichev“ Small stage


Centre for culture ”Grigor Prlichev“ Small stage

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