Theatre play “Nora”

Directed by: Nela Vitosevic

Ljubljana City Theatre (MGL), Slovenia


Nora is seemingly a happily married mother of three. Her family, after years of deprivation is finally living a comfortable life thanks to her husband Torvald Helmer’s new job as a bank manager. Everything would be absolutely perfect if Nora is not haunted by the reckless act she did in the past out of love for her husband. To help him recover from a difficult illnes, Nora forged his signature and loaned a large amount of money from the notary Krogstad who is now blackmailing her and threatening to unravel her secret.

Nora is desperate for Torvald to understand the reasons behind her actions and take her side. When the opposite happens, she changes her perspective towards him and realizes she can no longer live with him.

“ Nora“ or “The Doll’s house“ is Henrik Ibsen’s most famous and most performed works. At its pemiere in 1879 at the Royal theatre in Copenhagen, “Nora“ created a huge scandal. In the work, the author critically brushes on the patriarchal model of the family and articulates the right of the woman to seek freedom from the subordination of marriage. Nora is seen in the whole play singin and chirping, buying presents, imaptiently waiting for Christmas, but that is just a role attributed to her by society. At the end she admits she was never happy with her husband. “Nora“ is not just a play about the woman, it is much more a play about marriage..

Nela Vitoshevic


Nela Vitoshevikj is one of the most acclaimed stage directors of her generstion. She graduated (2007) and earned her master’s degree (2014) from the Faculty of dramatic arts in Skopje in the class of renowned prof. Slobodan Unkovski. To date, at the theatre festivals  “Risto Shishkov“, “Vojdan Chernodrinski”  and MOT she has been awarded 15 prizes. Since 2017 Nela Vitoshevikj is employed at the Macedonian National Theatre. She has signed the direction of over 30 plays in different theatres in Macedonia with works ranging from classical to contemporary plays as well as adaptations for stage of film scenarios and prose.

In 2020 with her independent theatre group Wonderland Theater she created the online perofrmance of the play “Ilussions“ by the contemporary russian author Ivan Vyrypae, and in 2021 as part of a co-production with the Skopje Drama Theatre she created the project “Things about which we don’t speak“ based on the anonymous call for stories by individuals who shared stories about their intimate traumas.



Nora Helmer-Ajda Smrekar

Torvald Helmer- Matej Puc

Nils Krogstadt-Jernej Gashperin

Kristine Linde-Nina Rakovec

Doctor Rank- Jurij Drevenshek


Dramatourg: Petra Pogorevc

Set design: Ursha Vidic

Costumes: Tina Boncha


Total running time: 2 hrs no intermission

Suitable for all ages.


18 Aug 2023






Centre for culture ”Grigor Prlichev“


Centre for culture ”Grigor Prlichev“

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