61st Birthday Concert of Ohrid Summer Festival with concert of SYNTHESIS

Synthesis is a band that has established itself on the Macedonian an international stage by combining the roots of the Macedonian traditional folk music with contemporary arrangements and using modern instruments combined with original Macedonian instruments such as kaval, gajda (bagpipe), zurla, tarabuka and tambura. Formed in 1995, the band aimed at discovering the depths of the immense riches of traditional music in Macedonia. The name of the band describes their musical style- a synthesis of traditional sounds in modern arrangements. Digging deep in the core of the Macedonian heritage and carefully crafting their unique sound- the group quickly gains popularity for breathing new life into the Macedonian music scene. During the years, the band has collaborated with acclaimed musicians and bands (Bilja Krstic and Bistrik Orchestra – Serbia, Husny Senlendirici- Turkey, Mauro Pagani- Italy, and the Macedonians Toshe Proeski, Vlatko Stefanovski, Naum Petreski, Chromatic Point) as well as with orchestras such as the Macedonian Philharmonic, Burgos- Philharmonic of Salamanca, the National opera orchestra of Vietnam, the Philharmonic orchestras of Astana and Almaty in Kazakhstan, the Nish Philharmonic etc. As a recognition for everything Synthesis has done in promoting the Macedonian culture through their numerous concerts and tours around the globe in Japan, Israel, the USA, France, Australia etc), in 2006 the Economic chamber of Macedonia presented them with the title of Honorary Ambassadors of Macedonian culture. In 2008 their work is recognized in Split, Croatia where they receive the prize for Exceptional contribution towards the development of cultural tourism, and the same year they receive the award of the Toronto Exclusive Magazine for best instrumental band. For their work they are winners of many other awards and recognitions that are a strong acknowledgement of their unique style and quality of performance. Synthesis continues with their treatment of old, forgotten and sometimes completely unknown songs that are part of the rich Macedonian heritage, and with that they preserve and promote the values and unique traits of Macedonian culture and tradition.