“A PIECE OF SOUL” Staged poetry by Blaze Koneski By Ljupcho Todorovski Upa

“A Piece of Soul” has been performed for a long time in Macedonia and Upa has become an embodiment of Blazhe Koneski. The performances are warmly received, with excitement, gratitude and emotions. And they bring piece. Piece to the soul. “A Piece of Soul” is a metaphoric presentation of a life interwoven with the history of our homeland. It is a landscape of people and events, of Macedonian life, but first and foremost it is a whirlwind of emotions. You will witness the epic Krale Marko, St. Spiridon and Bolen Dojchin, the dance of men “Teshkoto” and Sterna. And the Angel of St. Sofia, the Beautiful women, Gentleness and uncle Riste, the White aunt… You will experience your own and the soul of your homeland. Blazhe  Kopneski has been here forever. Whenever I was lost for words, I had used his. Because like every other genius, his work we take and we own it. I live it, and I will have it forever, just like I have myself forever. And I will transfer it through me to the audience, I will feel the pain and rejoice it for every one of you, and for all of us.  Ljupcho Todorovski Upa Macedonian actor, director, screenplay writer and producer Ljupcho Todorovski Upa set his first steps on stage at the age of thirteen. Since then he has acted on 8 different languages in over 30 films and TV series, he has directed 15 theatre project and acted in theatres throughout former Yugoslavia spending 20 years of his life living and working in Belgrade and Ljubljana. He has been and continues to be a freelance artist with a firm belief in keeping his artistic freedom.