Balkan dance project ”SVI MARSH NA PLES”

The dance performance “Svi Marsh na Ples” takes to an eclectic imaginary world in which the songs of the cult ex YU band Bijelo Dugme create the base for the story of a time, and a generation. Most of the band’s songs tell of love and relationships, both those that we yearn and those we live, or those that are at their end and are just mere a nostalgic reflection of its protagonists. Inspiration of the atmosphere of the show is also found in the music videos of the band which are energetic, full of dance and in line with the world trends of the rock movement of the time.. In former Yugoslavia the rock movement was a symbol of emancipation of the youth and progress in society, with one important underlying characteristic- the rurality of a society that still needs to mature, but as such bears a wonderful quality of purity and childish naïve. It is exactly those qualities that make the base of the sound of Bijelo Dume which successfully combines the traditional and the sounds of the new, the local melodies with the alternative tunes of rock’n roll. Macedonian choreographer with international career Igor Kirov, decides to use those recognizable and popular melodies by Bijelo Dugme in his creating of a dynamic dance performance placed in the imaginary setting of a youth work brigade that was typical of the summer work actions that were a usual sight in the first half of the 1980’s. The energy of the participants and the modern ballet, combined with the music of Goran Bregovic and Kirov’s unique creative impulse is a guarantee for a fresh and innovative theatrical experience. Protagonists and dancer in the project are: Emir Fejzic, Zuleja Kecho, Branko Mitrovic, Luka Zivkovic, Jaksha Filipovac, Endi Schroette, Mojca Majcen, Teodora Radivojevic, Ana Kuzmanovic