“Heavenly sound of the bamboo flute & Xiao”

     Conceived of and directed by Zhang Weiliang, celebrated bamboo flute player and one of the acknowledged international masters of Chinese traditional music, the Chinese Bamboo Flute Orchestra is the first ensemble of its kind in the world. It is part of the China Conservatory of Music in Beijing, the pre-eminent conservatoire for traditional Chinese instruments. It is created with the purpose to better meet the needs of the development of the bamboo flute performances, constantly raising the level of creativity and performance of the bamboo flutes. The Bamboo flute instruments have been the accompaniment to Traditional Chinese Opera and Orchestra since ancient times and solo flute was formed in the middle of the 20th century. The Bamboo flute orchestra particularly encourages those excellent young players to keep creating and enhancing abilities in writing bamboo flute music works and performances. This platform allows different styles and characteristics of bamboo flute virtuoso to show their talent and their own ideas; any composer with different styles can use this platform to constantly explore and innovate in the bamboo flute creative field. The repertoire includes original works by today’s most significant Chinese composers as well a growing number of celebrated Western composers. The musicians of the Chinese Bamboo Flute Orchestra, who are mainly young conservatory teachers, have won numerous instrumental competition awards in China and abroad.   Program:   Zhang Weiliang (1957): Moon Light             Conducting: Hu Biao Performing: Chinese Bamboo Flute Orchestra   Ancient music (Tang dynasty): Parting at Yangguan             Xun: Zhang Weiliang, Zhang Jian Bamboo flute: Guan Tinghan, Xi yu, Yu yuan, Wang Meng, Li Juncheng   Liu Mingyuan (1931-1996): Henan Bagatelle             Conducting: Hu Biao Er Hu Solo: Chai Shuai Bamboo flute: Guan Ting, Han xiyu, Kang Ruiyang, Wang Meng Ban gu: Li Juncheng   Guo Wenjing (1956): Bamboo Phrases             Performers: Meng Xiaojie, Guan Ting, Yang Yuanyuan  
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  Zhang Weiliang (1957): Lonesome   Cui Quan (1972): Hometown Accent
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Conducting: Hu Biao Performing: Chinese Bamboo Flute Orchestra   Cui Quan (1972):On the Frontier             Pipa (chinese traditional musical instrument): Li jia Conducting: Hu Biao Performing: Chinese Bamboo Flute Orchestra   Zhang Weiliang (1957): Xiao andDrum sunset             Piano: Mark Conducting: Hu Biao Performing: Chinese Bamboo Flute Orchestra