JONELA GOLEMI –flute Merita Rexha Tërshana-piano

JONELA GOLEMI –flute   A graduate of the University of Tirana, flutist Jonela Golemi moved to Paris in 1997 to study at the Superior Conservatory with prof. P.Y. Artaud, followed by studies at the  Ecole Normale “A. Cortot”. For 4 years she attended studies at the Regional National Conservatory of “Saint Maure des Fosses” under the direction of Prof. P. Lesgourgues where she graduated with a highest praise  and Golden Medal in flute, chamber music and a diploma in pedagogy . She is the first winner of First Prize to the competition of composers “N. Zoraqi” and is named Performer of the Year at the Kult Award in 2018 after being nominated for 3 consecutive years. Since 2002 she is a member of “Orchestre de Flutes Francais”, where she performs on all instruments from the flute family (piccolo, alto, bass, octobass) alongside renowned artists.  As a soloist she has appeared in concert with the Symphony Orchestra of the Albanian Radio Television under the direction of well known Albanian and foreign conductor as J.Barbullushi, E.Koco, E.Krantja, C.Morbo, G.Fratta, N.Widjaja etc. Jonela Golemi’s repertore from ranges from baroque to contemporary music. She performed in France, Italy, UK, Germany and China. She is She is the principal flute an soloist of the Albanian Radio Television Orchestra and is a visiting professor of flute at the University of Tirana.   Merita Rexha Tërshana-piano Widely considered by critics, media and the public as one of the most predominant and active artists in Albanian territories, Merita Rexha Tërshana continues a career long full of national accomplishments. Winner of an impressive number of national awards in particular Performer of the Year at the Contemporary Albanian Music Festival (1996) awarded by a french composer G.Boeuf led jury, Performer of the Year at the Kult Award (2010, 2016) after being nominated for 6 consecutive years. Born in Tirana, she graduatied from the University of Arts in Tirana as part of Prof. Margarita Kristidhi’s class, she undertakes numerous post-graduate courses in Germany from acclaimed professors like Paul Badura-Skoda and Till Engel. Tërshana has been working at the University of Arts in Tirana since 1994, firstly as accompanist and then being promoted to a pedagogue in 2002.  As a soloist she has played along numerous orchestras including that of the Albanian Radio Television (RTSH), University of Arts, Theatre of Opera and Ballet, Philharmonia Orchestra of Tirana and Philharmonia Orchestra of Kosovo under the direction of well-known Albanian and foreign conductors such as B.Llapaj, A. Lepuri, J. Barbullushi, L. Quadrini, N. Marin and D. Savic among others. Additionally Merita Tërshana has been invited as a soloist to prestigious and renowned chamber music festivals in Albania and Europe, namely Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival (Germany), Bregenz Festpiel (Austria), Grosseto Musica Festival (Italy) etcetera and to festivals in the region. Merita Rexha Tërshana has been the first performer of a great number of piano pieces from Albanian composers and in 2009 she recorded a CD with Schumman’s works and 2 CD’s with works from Albanian composers. She currently teaches a piano class at the University of Arts in Tirana under the title Prof. Asoc.