Music concert on “Synthesis”, Macedonia

    Powerful and explosive, Synthesis is the most exported Macedonian world music project. The band combines the roots of Macedonian folk music heritage with contemporary arrangements, using full range of original Macedonian instruments, like kaval, gaida, zurla, tapan, tarabuka and tambura. Synthesis was established in 1995 for the purpose of carrying out an in-depth pursuit of the outstanding folk music treasures of Macedonia. Digging deeply into the roots of Macedonian folk heritage, with a serious concern for the basics of traditional compositions, the group has received high praise for breathing new life in this field. Synthesis carries on with the treatment of old, forgotten, and sometimes almost never heard songs, which are part of the rich Macedonian musical heritage. Тhis band is made up of professional musicians. In recognition of the great contribution Synthesis has made for the affirmation of Macedonian music and culture through its numerous concerts all over the world, in 2006 the Macedonian Chamber of Commerce pronounced the band its Honorary Ambassador of Macedonian Culture.   Program:
  1. Jano jadovice
  2. Ostrov
  3. Filma moma
  4. Dimo ljubit
  5. Sadila Jana
  6. Sliljana mi se armasa
  7. Mori mome
  8. Me fatije
  9. Blazhena goro
  10. Pomolime Boga maca
  11. Dumardija
  12. Imala majka
  13. Moma Katerina
  14. Vo nashe selo