“Tanec and Lado under the stars”

Tanec is the first professional folk-ensemble in the Republic of North Macedonia, established in 1949, in order to collect and nurture the Macedonian traditional songs and dances, folk costumes and instruments, and through appropriate artistic expression, to stage and present what is most valuable in Macedonian people’s rich treasury. Tanec, whose name symbolizes the Macedonian folk dance (oro), is an ambassador of the Macedonian folk art and culture wherever he appears – whether on the most distant continents or among his compatriots both abroad and at home. As a conservator of art and a living and moving museum of our cultural heritage, Tanec spreads the beauty of Macedonian dances and songs around the world, leaving its mark on the stages in Asia, America, Australia, Africa and everywhere in Europe. During these 72 years, Tanec has taken part in participated in over  5000 concerts and festivals, in front of the crowded concert halls in New York, Sydney, Melbourne, Tel Aviv, Rome, Paris, London, Montreal, Toronto, Adelaide, Melbourne… The ensemble recognizes neither boundaries nor distances. It feels like home everywhere and has all doors wide open for it. TANEC has a unique collection of original traditional costumes of exceptional value and beauty of different regions of the country (more than 2000 authentic costumes), so each concert of the Ensemble provides a unique audio-visual experience to audiences worldwide. The repertoire consists of more than ninety choreographies and several hundred vocal, instrumental and vocal-instrumental numbers, through which the ensemble represents the diversity of regional music and choreographic traditions and styles of the rich Macedonian folklore. All TANEC employees, as individuals and as a team, are respected around the world and they enjoy the praise and special reputation for their professional approach and authenticity of the repertoire. The ensemble consists of 40 great dancers, 20 amazing singers and 20 great instrumentalists, can easily combine for different types of performances. Tanec has received many awards and recognitions, such as the Grand Prix at the International Festival in Langolen, Great Britain, “11 Oktomvri”, “13 Novemvri” “Sv. Kliment Ohridski” and “Order of Merit for Macedonia”.   LADO, the National Folk Dance Ensemble of Croatia, was founded in 1949 in Zagreb as a professional national ensemble, with the aim of researching, artistically interpreting and presenting on stage the most beautiful examples of the rich traditions of Croatian music and dance. LADO has assembled the talents of the most recognized Croatian folklorists, choreographers, folk musicians, composers and conductors who are inspired by Croatia’s folk culture. LADO’s imposing repertoire, both choreographically and musically, is respected throughout the world for its authenticity. The repertoire consists of more than a hundred diverse choreographies and several hundred vocal, instrumental and vocal-instrumental numbers, through which LADO represents the rich and diverse regional musical and choreographic traditions of Croatia. The ensemble’s 38 brilliant dancers, who are also excellent singers, can easily transform this folk dance ensemble into an impressive folk choir, while its 14 superb musicians play some eighty different traditional and classical instruments. The LADO Ensemble owns a unique collection of original national costumes of exceptional value and beauty. Each concert of the Ensemble, along with song and dance, provides remarkable insight into the traditional clothing worn by Croatians. LADO is unique and a world class ensemble. Concerts have met with the unanimous enthusiasm of both audiences and critics worldwide. LADO has performed on the stages of some of the world’s most prestigous theatres and concert halls as  Royal Albert Hall in London, New York’s Broadway, the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall in Moscow and the Mann Auditorium in Tel Aviv, plus numerous opera houses, and at festivals end world exhibitions. For its work in promoting aspects of national heritage, LADO has received many prizes and awards, including the Charter of the Croatian President for 60 years of artistic work.