”The Damned” Based on the screenplay by Luchino Visconti, Enrico Medioli and Nicole Badalucco Directed by Dalibor Matanic

SNG Drama, Maribor   One of the main subject matters of the film “The Damned” by Visconti is the close connection between capitalism and fascism which are deeply rooted in the German oligarch family Von Essenbeck.  Following the death of the family patron, the heritage becomes the main interest of several interested parties, while the heirs still don’t understand that they are taken hostage by a much more powerful political machinery blinded by their greed and small indulgence. The series of family intrigues divides the heritage of the powerful dynasty, bringing to light the boring pathological state and perversion as well as the uncompromised egotistical interests of the family members. All in all this is a large fresco that is surprisingly actual in current times. By juxtaposing the politics and the intimate manipulations especially in the context of interpersonal relations, the play “The Damned” shows how detailed was the Nazi government in the manipulation of the citizens years before the start of the Second world war. The family will kill its own leaders until it ultimately destroys itself. For one, and one reason only- because the whole family succumbed to the idea of a better state.   The Croatian film and theatre director Dalibor Matanic graduates film directing from the Academy of dramatic arts in Zagreb in 1975. His debut film “ The cashier wants to go to the seaside” (2000) was a success at the Pula 2000 Film Festival receiving 3 golden arenas including the award for best debutant director for Matanic.In 2002 he directs the film “Fine dead girls” which is awarded  with 7 prizes at the Pula Festival in 2002. He is the author of several documentaries and screenplays. He collaborates with distinct Croatian writers and dramaturgs and is a member of the European film academy.