“The Hidden, Wonderful”

  You know they are there, but you don’t see them. You recognize their figures and imagine them. You let fantasy lead you, in the depths of the Lake, with a desire to unravel the unknown.” “The hidden, wondrous” is a collection of contemporary jewelry by Bibi Klekachkoska and Marta Pejoska, established designers of filigree and one of the pioneers of Macedonian contemporary jewelry. Their explorations of the theme of Ohrid and the Ohrid lake date back to 2013 for the group exhibition “I lure you to the blue” at the Ohrid Summer festival. This year’s project “The hidden, wondrous” is a more in depth study about the hidden “gems” of the Ohrid Lake, done in collaboration with the Hydrobiology Institute in Ohrid and prof. Zlatko Levkov from the Biology institute at the Faculty of Natural Sciences Mathematics in Skopje. The discoveries of the research are presented to the public in an interesting conceptual mode- through pieces of jewelry. Diatoms are microorganisms of essential importance for many processes in the lake and out of it. Their numerous varieties in structure are the inspiration for new designs and a whole line of expression. The final form is a concept for a new visually recognizable mark of the City of Ohrid and the Ohrid Lake. Bibi Klekachkoska has designed jewelry for over 20 years. Her avant-garde style makes her a pioneer of the new wave of revitalization and reinvention of the traditional art of filigree, with an inventive approach in the use of new techniques, materials and ways of creation. She has been very successful in making a personal mark on her pieces which results in creations with a great artistic and timeless value. She has exhibited her works at some of Europe’s finest design fairs including Sieraad in Amsterdam, Munich Jewelry week, and Autor in Bucharest. Marta Pejoska is a jewelry architect that through her works manages to preserve a very important part of the Macedonian heritage- its technique of filigree making. She constantly strives to make her pieces more contemporary and this ambition has led her to open the first art gallery for design jewelry and filigree in Ohrid in 2014. Marta Pejoska has taken part in various international events in the field of creative industries and cultural heritage.