Theatre play “A Big Scream of Love”

“A big scream of Love” is a “comedy of characters” immersed in a love story with a romantic ending. The dramatic text revolves around two main themes-theatre and love.  As it happens, two actors, former husband and wife are engaged to play on stage the roles of two former lovers. In short that is the intro to the play which then tells the story of the process of preparations and rehearsals of a play- from the casting to the first rehearsal, costume fittings and the premiere. It is a very precise depiction of the life in a theatre, the typical situations and interpersonal relations and characters that make a theatre company: stage directors, producers, actors, technical personal and their involvement in the creative process of a play. It in essence describes the phenomenon of theatre and its intertwining with real life.   Ljupcho Gjorgievski was born in 1955 in Bitola and graduated from the Psychology department of the Faculty of philosophy in Skopje and from the department of Theatre directing at the Faculty for Dramatic arts in Skopje. Since 1990 he is employed at the National theatre in Bitola as a stage director and dramatourg. He has put on over 70 performances in all theatres in his native country, and has also directed in Bulgaria, Russia, Turkey, Romania, Kosovo etc. His works include works from the classical and contemporary drama such as “Oedipus rex”, “Medea”, “Romeo and Juliette”, “Cat on a hot tin roof”, “Chairs” etc, as well as some of the classical Macedonian works “Begalka”, “Macedonian bloody wedding” and “Money kills”. His plays have been performed at many festivals in Europe, Australia, Canada and the USA. For his work, Ljupcho Gjorgievski has won numerous awards by the City of Bitola, six prizes for best director and two for dramatist at the “Vojdan Chernodrinski” festival in Prilep, grand prix at the festivals in Moscow and Belgrade, awards at the Festival of antique drama- Stobi etc.     Director: Ljupcho Gjorgievski Set design: Valentin Svetozarev Costume design: Andrej Gjorgievski Music: Marjan Necak   Roles: Zhizhi Ortega: Andrijana Todoroska Igo Martiel: Nikola Todoroski Leon: Ivica Conev Silvester: Goran Stojanoski   Running time: 90 minutes The performance is suitable for all audiences.