Theatre Play “In Agony” by Miroslav Krleza

    Part of the trilogy of the Glembay family, “In Agony” is a famous dramatic text by Miroslav Krlezha which portrays the fall of society represented through a strong collision between three individuals. In the focus is the timeless story of a love triangle involving the sensitive and disappointed Laura Lembah, a seamstress which bravely fights her financial downfall by working in her tailoring salon. She is intimate with her friend, the lawyer Ivan honorable Krizhovec who has managed to find his ways in the new social milieu while the third party is baron Lembah, Laura’s husband-a drunk and a gambler, former cavalry lieutenant and ex -convict. Krlezha is a classic. The play “In agony” has been performed frequently in all Croatian theatres, which adds to our responsibility to create something new and unseen. We experimented and researched, in our attempt to create a performance which will be more than a correct interpretation of Krlezha’s text without emotional involvement. Our aim was to take part in an exciting, alive and dramatic performance which will be different but still remain true to Krlezha in its own right. Nela Kochish   Sets: Petra Kriletic Costumes: Marita Kjopo   Cast: Laura Lembah: Nela Kochish Ivan hon. Krizhovec: Ozren Grabaric Baron Lembah: Darko Stazic   Not recommended for children under 18 years of age