Theatre play “Who killed Janis Joplin?”

When I was thinking about producing a play about the person that was my role-model and inspiration during my teenage years, I always thought about it being two different persons. It is evident that she is two characters, so there are obviously two stories. One is a story of an insecure, fragile, unaccepted, and unprotected young woman, while the other one is about a brave, aggressive, ground-breaking female that has created a whole new list of criteria for women worldwide. One is the about life, and the other about death. One going to her end, for the other one to begin. It was only later that I found out that Janis was named after the god Janus. A roman god of the begging and end that is usually depicted with two faces one looking towards the beginning and the other turned towards the end. It is because of that, that this play is a homage to a woman that has reached her end to make room for a new begging. It is an homage to music that no longer exists. Music that has no formula for success but bares an emotion worth sharing. Music that it not mathematical, but organic. I wish that this play inspires and helps many to be what they integrally are, and not what is expected or imposed for them to be. Sonja Petrovic   Sonja Petrovic was born in 1990 in the city of Bachka Palanka. She graduated multimedia directing at the Art Academy in Novi Sad and earned her master’s degree at the Faculty for drama in Belgrade. She has signed numerous productions including plays for children and youth at the National theatre in Sombor, Youth theatre in Novi Sad, City Theatre Bechej and Serbian National Theatre. For radio Belgrade she has directed several radio-dramas and for her work on “You are that angel” (adaptation of Milenko Jegovic’s novel “Mama Leone”) she was awarded the prize “Neda Depolo”. She has received prizes at several important festivals in Serbia and abroad including the Annual award of the Serbian National theatre for concept and direction of the play “Who killed Janis Joplin”. She is a managing director of the traditional festival of Eco- theatre for children and youth in Bachka Palanka, which has won her the October award in 2014. She is a member of the Executive board of the Theatre for children and youth ASSITEJ Serbia and she is actively participating in the international education group “Next generation”. In her work she extensively uses music, dance and modern technologies while subjects of particular interest are childhood, ecology and human rights. She currently is doing her PhD in art science at the Academy for Arts in Novi Sad.   Dramatourg: Nikolina Stjepanovic Costume design: Senka Ranosavljevic Stage design: Zeljko Pishkoric   Roles: Boljana Milanovic Sonja Isailovic Stefan Vukic Dimitrije Arandjelovic Vukashin Randjelovic Petar Banjac Filip Grubach Igor Sakach   The performance is not suitable for spectators younger than 16