Where is the gun? By Gabor Gyori Directed by Dejana Nikolovska

National theatre Ohrid   “Where is the gun?” is a modern, satirical text with a strong existentialist background created in the seventies. In its essence the text deals with the man’s dual nature playing between the positions of oppressor and oppressed through the five protagonists of the play. The world “gun” present in the title of the piece is just a mere theatrical sign, system of abstraction, system of power of violence that the characters use to terrorize the others. The play is set in an enclosed space where four characters sit while the fifth points a gun at them. Four people always try to exit the room, and one feels good inside. That one has the gun.  The source of all problems is the gun. The gun can have a completely different purpose, but not in this case. Sadly, here it is impossible to live without a gun.   Dejana Nikolovska-director Dejana Nikolovska is the second Macedonian student at the Russian Academy for theatre in Moscow (the first is Ivan Popovski). Born in Skopje in 1981, she starts her studies in Moscow in 2000 in the class of Professor Leonid Heifetz. In the third year of her studies (2003) she directs the play “Family stories” by Biljana Srbljanovic which for which she receives the award for best student stage director of the year. In the period 2005-2009 she is assistant teacher in the classes for stage directing of Oleg Kudryashov and Leonid Heifetz.  Nikolovska is currently finishing her Master’s degree and is a freelance artist directing in theatre and film. Her most significant film project is the series “Tatjana’s Nameday” (220 episodes) for the First channel of the Russian National TV.  She has gained experience in the showbiz industry as a director at the RosArt Production Company in Moscow   Director- Dejana Nikolovska Sets, costumes and light design-Milena Panteleeva Music- Garo Ashikian   Cast: Goran Stojanoski, Nikola Todoroski, Adrijana Bilalovilk Todoroska, Ivica Conev, Strezo Stamatovski