“In agony” – an exciting drama on “Ohrid Summer”

Within the framework of the drama offer of the festival “Ohrid Summer” tonight at the vestibule of the church “St. Sophia”, starting at 9 pm, the theater performance “In agony” by Miroslav Krleza will be performed, and directed by Nela Kocis, Ozren Grabaric and Darko Stazic. It is a project of PUK – Traveling Theater and Youth Center “Ribnjak” – Scene “Ribnjak”.

The glorious drama of Krleza, part of the Glembayev trilogy, is set as a fierce clash of three people. The focus of the timeless story about the love triangle and the ups and downs in the society are the sensitive and disappointed Laura Lenbachova, who bravely subjugates property and social degradation working in her tailor’s salon and serving the customers, her intimate friend, the lawyer Dr. Ivan the noble Krizovec, who succeeded in dealing with the newly emerging social situations, and the husband of Laura, a drunkard and a gambler, a former cavalry lieutenant colonel and ex-prisoner Baron Lenbach.

– Head is a classicist. The performance “In agony” was performed on all stages in Croatia, and with it our challenge and responsibility were even greater, to create something new and different from the proposal that has been directed so many times. We experimented, explored, tried to create a play that would not to be just a beautiful intonation and perfectly pronounced sentences of the Crucifix without any emotional cover. Our goal was to create an exciting, lively, dramatic play that would be different, but still remain at Krleža, says the director and actor in the play Nela Kocis.

Apart from Kocis in the role of Laura Lenbachova, Osren Grabaric also plays the cast as Ivan the noble Krizovec and Darko Stazic who has the role of Baron Lenbach. The scenery is Petra Kriletic, and costume design is made by Marita Kopo.