Aleksandar Madzar-pianist who left his soul on the concert podium in “St. Sophia”

The Belgian-Serbian pianist with worldwide fame, Aleksandar Madzar, last evening, delighted the audience of “Ohrid Summer” by organizing an extraordinary evening with a well-chosen program. The artist who left a strong stamp in the musical program of this year’s edition of “St. Sophia” was twice turned back to the bis, and visitors to the concert gave him a long ovation.

-This was my first performance since1991, when I last performed at “Ohrid Summer”. In the meantime, I was once again in Ohrid, in 1998, but as a tourist, to show my friends from Belgium how beautiful it is here. The concert program was wonderful, Haydn, Tchaikovsky, Brahms and Chopin. We musicians are always trying everything to be right. On the other hand, the conditions here are perfect. “St. Sophia” is wonderful, the acoustics are extraordinary, and the piano is also excellent, said Madzar.

Professor Vaso Ristov, the selector of the music program of “Ohrid Summer” festival, says that the festival has the most sought-after soloist around the world this year, the artist who left his soul on the concert podium in the church “St. Sophia”.

-Great pianist Aleksandar Madzar, an imaginative musician, there is no criterion that he should be one of the top musicians of today besides the undeniable talent. Long ovations from the audience to be bifurcated twice. His modest presence on the stage justifies the phenomenal imagination, the fantastic technique and the musicality to be even more sympathetic to the audience. We had the most requested soloist around the world, the artist with a great soul on the concert podium in “St. Sophia”, says Ristov.

The outstanding pianist Aleksandar Madzar will use his short stay in Ohrid today to enjoy the beauties of the city, after which he added that he will continue his professional engagement.

-After the performance of “Ohrid Summer”, I am waiting for a trip to Lisbon, at a summer academy where I will have courses in the morning and evening concerts. There I will play with an extraordinary group of colleagues, Beethoven in a trio, and Dvorak in a quintet. Then I go to the International Pianist Festival in Shanghai. And there are scheduled several days of courses and solo concerts with a slightly different program from here, and the next destination will be Great Britain, explains world renowned artist Alexander Madzar.

His tour covers and performs on musical scenes outside Europe, in the Americas, South Africa, in the countries of the East, as well as in Australia.