The documentary-feature film “Biser” tonight at “Ohrid Summer”

In the 57th edition of “Ohrid Summer Festival” tonight will be screened documentary feature “Pearl”, dedicated to the traditional Ohrid pearl, which adorns the necks of crowned and unyielded queens around the world.

The film is produced by “Braka Kumev” and is financed by the families Filevi and Talevi who have the recipe for making the Ohrid Pearl and transfer it to their descendants.

The story of the creation of the Ohrid Pearl is very interesting. Although we have all heard different versions of the creation of the Ohrid Pearl, I have learned the real version of Mihailo Filev two years ago. From there came the idea of implementing such a project. I wanted this secret that has been lurking amongst the citizens for 90 years, to share with the audience and to direct something that will remain for the generations, says the director of the film, Nikola Kumev.



The documentary film “Pearl” covers the period from 1924 to 1930 when the famous Russian emigrant, white-boy Jovan Subanovitch, handed over the secret to making the original pearl, the ancestors of the families Filevi and Talevi.

The feature film includes actors Vlado Jovanovski, Ljupco Todorovski-Up, Strezo Stamatovski and others

The projection will be held at the Culture Center “Grigor Prlicev”, starting at 7 pm