An evening of Chinese music with bamboo flutes

The Chinese Bamboo Flute Orchestra will perform tonight for the audience at  Ohrid Summer Festival. The concert will be held in  “St. Sophia” church at 21:00, and the program entitled “The Celestial Sound of Bamboo Flute and Xiao” covers ancient Tang Dynasty music, as well as works by Chinese composers Zhang Weiliang, Liu Mingguan, Guo Wenging , Cui Quan.

The Chinese Bamboo Flute Orchestra was founded by one of the most renowned international professionals for Chinese traditional music, a renowned musician of the so-called bamboo flute. “Bamboo Flute” – Zhang Weiliang and is the first of its kind in the world. It functions as part of the Chinese Conservatory of Music in Beijing, which is the highest conservatory for traditional Chinese instruments, and was created in order to achieve a better development of the performance of bamboo flutists.

The instrument as an instrument is long known in Chinese music. Since ancient times it has been used in the traditional Chinese opera, but also in the Chinese orchestras.

In addition to the promotion, both the instrument and Chinese traditional music, the orchestra also plays a major role in enriching the musical literature of the bamboo flute, prompting composers and performers to compose music for the orchestra’s needs. And the repertoire brings together original works by many significant Chinese composers, and the number of composers from other countries who compose exactly this instrument is constantly growing. Most of the members of the orchestra are young professors from the conservatory, winners of numerous awards and recognitions.