Magic flute and piano sounds with Tarpagos and Haritidu

The sounds of the flute and the piano that echoed last night in the cathedral church “St. Sophia” brought a new and exciting evening. Greek artists flutist Zaharias Tarpagos and pianist Valeria Haritidou delighted the Ohrid Summer audience with their specially selected repertoire for the festival and the skill with which they mastered their instruments.
Both performed for the first time at the festival, but as they said, they are surprised by their stay in Ohrid.

– This is the first concert as a recital after the period when we were closed due to the pandemic, but the intimacy and the small number of the audience made us feel so very special. I am honored and very surprised by the organization of this festival. From the high quality organization, to the top artists, everything is on time, which makes it a lot easier for us. The space where we rehearsed and performed is also remarkable. The church “St. Sofia ”which is about a thousand years old and which tells stories from the past through the frescoes on the walls. As for the acoustics, it is beautiful and is a kind of magic, in line with the energy and vibrations that this church gives. “I imagine a 1,000-year-old church with thousands of people passing through it, 1,000 stories, prayers, a great history,” said flutist Zacharias Tarpagos.

For the pianist Valeria Haritidou, the concert within the Ohrid Summer Festival was a new journey in the world of classical music, as she said, in an unforgettable setting.

– I am very excited about this magical place, this beautiful church. We are very happy to be here and that in the spirit of this church we will be able to play our beautiful music. We had many concerts around the world but due to the health pandemic everything stopped. We still do not have any concrete plans for the future, but we are open to all good offers, said Haritidu.

According to flutist Tarpagos, sharing positive energy and good vibes live cannot be compared to what comes through YouTube or other online tools.

“Sharing is the most important thing. There is a lot of information coming and going, but if you listen to these works 100 times on YouTube or Spotify, it absolutely does not compare to how much it is appreciated by the audience when performed live,” added the young man. flutist.

The two artists who arrived from Greece staged a magical mix of classical music from different centuries, from the late Baroque period with Johann Sebastian Bach, then performed a work by the son of this great composer, also a great author of classical works, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach by the flute sonata was played in d-dur, followed by Mozart’s sonata in -moll.

In the second part of the concert, romantic music prevailed through the sonnet for flute and piano “Udine” by Raineke, which brought the wonderful story of a ghost coming out of the water and falling in love with a man, swearing not to kiss him to stay above the water, but yet it is betrayed by man and remains in the water forever. The end of the wonderful evening of classical music was rounded off with works by Sibelius and Brahms.