„Ohrid Summer“ has presented „The voice of Yunan“, the world attraction from China

The world attraction “ Voice of Yunan” from China has performed in the Centre of culture “Grigor Prlichev” in Ohrid.  The ensembe of the Beijing’s academy of traditional music  has  Ансамблот од Пекингшката академија на традиционалната музика, had a music spectacle of highest rank.

The Chinese classical music transmitted through generations was part of the performance, which also admires with the rich folk culture of the different regions of China.

– The Chinese music can boast a long history of several thousand years in the past, and  right the province of Yunan is  well known for the extremely high level of ethnic diversity

Here belong the greatest number of ethnic groups among  all provinces of China. Of the 56 officially recognized ethnic groups in China, even 25 are  located in the province of Yunnan – explained at the “Ohrid Summer” who were the organizers of this cultural event.