Outstanding performance by Goce Stevkovski Septet at “Dolni Saraj”

An unforgettable experience for the lovers of culture, last night, the music composition of Goce Stevkovski performed at the Ohrid Summer Festival.

The concert of Goce Stevkovski Septet was held on the stage “Dolni Saraj”.

Goce Stevkovski is one of the best and most sought-after Macedonian drummers and percussionists. He performed with exceptional artists and bands such as Kiril Dzajkovski, “Leb i Sol”, “Arhangel”, “Last Expedition”, Bodan Arsovski, Zoran Madzirov and others.

His album titled “Seven Stories” carries an individual stylistic and musical stamp and is realized with some of the best Macedonian jazz musicians. Stevkovski performs at numerous international festivals including “Exit Bier Fest”, “Umbria Jazz” in Belgrade, “Green Fest” in Indjija, as well as festivals in Croatia, France, Italy, Canada and other countries. He participates in several workshops, projects, theater plays and music for film.