Stevan Tofovic: My mother was overjoyed to be part of the history of Macedonian culture

The Ohrid Summer Festival today celebrates 60 years of its existence. In the days when we celebrate this important day for us, we express great respect for the first lady of the Macedonian Opera, Ana Lipsa Tofovic, who in the distant 1961 created the story Ohrid Summer.

Her first performance will forever remain in the history of the festival as the date of creation of this great cultural work that we are proud of all over the world today.

The family of Ana Lipшаa Tofovic sent a congratulatory message to the Festival on the occasion of its birthday.

“I congratulate you on the great holiday of Macedonian culture, the 60th birthday of the Ohrid Summer. On behalf of the Tofovic family, I would like to express my gratitude for the way in which the character of Ana Lipsa Tofovic was celebrated.My mother was overjoyed to be part of the history of Macedonian culture and that my father’s idea, inspired by his love for her and music, came true; to a concert in the beautiful setting of the church of St. Sofia has grown into an internationally renowned music festival.

Prevented from attending in person, I wish at least for a short time, in these times of pandemic and temptation, the renowned guests to enjoy the beauties of Ohrid, and the visitors in their performances and the wonderful program.I would like to repeat Ana’s congratulations on the 50th birthday of the Ohrid Summer: “In ancient Ohrid, may the Ohrid Summer be as eternal as Macedonia”, reads the congratulation from the son of Ana Lipsa Tofovic,, Prof. Dr. Stevan Tofovic