Vrskova and Cincievski with a concert that will be remembered for a long time

The wonderful Macedonian artists Gjorgji Cincievski and Marija Vrskova brought a beautiful music postcard with double bass and piano to “Ohrid Summer” last night, with their concert in the church “St. Sophia”.

The program was started by double bassist Cincievski with the work “Invocation for solo double bass” by the Czech composer M. Gajdos, followed by the premiere performance of “Sonata for double bass and piano” by K. Rainer, a historically interesting work written in a concentration camp, both dark and dark. . New works by the Macedonian composer Damjan Temkov were played, the premiere performance of the Macedonian version for solo and double bass of the composition “Ohrid Trout”, as well as the work “The Difficult”. The “Carmen Fantasy” suite by American composer Frank Proto was also premiered. Last night, for the first time in front of the audience of “Ohrid Summer”, a composition by Cincievski was presented, variations on the theme of “Bor sadila moma Evgenija”, as well as his transcription of the work “Elegy” by Rachmaninov, originally written for piano and performed on double bass and piano.

– The honor to play at the “Ohrid Summer” is huge. The program is a repertoire of the 20th and 21st century, which means more modern classical music. We also performed my works. I compose, I would not call myself a composer but I want to experiment in that field. From the very beginning when I received the invitation to participate in the Ohrid Summer Festival, my biggest wish was to play with Professor Marija Vrskova. I am honored and pleased to play with her because she is a fantastic musician and artist. That energy of support is felt, says double bass player Gjorgji Cincievski.

The outstanding Macedonian pianist, Marija Vrskova, who captivates with her piano virtuosity, but also with her modesty, admits that the anxiety, even after many years on the stage, is always present with her as an artist.

Absolutely, anxiety is always present. I can not say that if the concert is smaller, the anxiety is lower or vice versa. I thought that over the years it would all subside, but on the contrary, it increases, but normally during all the concerts I manage to channel it into beautiful energy.

I am honored that during every performance of “Ohrid Summer” I collaborate with the best artists and when beautiful music is made with them, especially in the fantastic “St. Sophia” the pleasure is always great. The weight of the “Ohrid Summer” festival is doing its thing and it is not so simple to go out and play, admits the pianist Vrskova.

The duet with Cincievski is something new for Vrskova because, as she says, she has cooperated a bit with the double bass and the program is completely new for her.

“Ohrid Summer” continues tonight with a flute and piano concert with Greek artists Zaharias Tarpagos and Valeria Haritidou.