“Where is the gun” – a notion of human dual nature

A modern story with a strong existential background brought last night’s theater play “Where is the gun” to the text by Gabor Gjorej, and directed by Dejana Nikolovska played by the Ohrid National Theater at the Ohrid Summer Festival.

Ohrid actors Goran Stojanoski, Nikola Todoroski, Adrijana Bilalovic Todoroska, Ivica Tsonev and Strezo Stamatovski, in a very satirical manner, captured the human dual nature playing between the positions of the repressor and subordinated through the five characters that carry the action.

In the enclosed space on the stage, four people sat, and the fifth one pointed a gun at them and did not let them get out of the room. The whole time while the action lasted four characters desired freedom, not feeling well inside, and the fifth, the one who had the gun enjoyed holding them hostage. The pistol was the source of all the problems.

The stage designer, costume designer and light design in the play “Where is the gun” is Milena Panteleeva, the music is by Garo Ashikyan. The choreography is by Asya Ivanova, the playwright is Kristina Todoroska Petreska, the inspirational Philip Angelicin-Zura, and the technical director Zoran Leveski.

Gabor Gjorgi is a Hungarian writer, playwright, director. Between 2002 and 2003 was Hungary’s Culture Minister. He has been editor of numerous literary magazines in Hungary, is a member of the Hungarian PEN Club. He was the main playwright in the National Hungarian Theater, a resident at Madash Theater, as well as at the Panonia Film Studio. He is the author of more than literary works (drama, poetry, novels) and with the play “Where is the gun”, which is played on many international scenes, he acquires an international reputation.