“I am painting with you” – second exhibition by D-r Poposka Karche at Ohrid Summer Festival

“I am painting with you – Soul Story” was the title of the art exhibition by d-r Natasha Poposka Karche which was open yesterday evening at the vestibule of the St Sophia church within the Ohrid Summer Festival.

As d-r Ivan Zarov, an art historian, said at the opening of the exhibition, the festival lovers are presented a new opus of paintings reflecting the aesthetic points of view of poposka-Karche.

– Within it, in an ideal way are interwoven the imaginativeness and vehemence of time in her paintings, as well as her exuberant extrovert and dynamic habitus as a person. Natasha depicts this ideal dichotomy in a most appropriate way, presenting herself today with a completely new opus of paintings in oil and acryl, reflecting her aesthetic points of view. What is dominant is her subtle and gentle landscapes, imaginary and real, showing images and compositions from Ohrid, but also compositions where the search for the transcendental is highlighted by her fantastic imaginativeness full of visual associations and subtle metaphors, said Zarov.

The exhibition and the work of d-r Natasha Poposka – Karche was discussed by Ljupcho Zhupan, an art gallery owner, who pointed out that he has been following her art creation since its beginning.

-There is a great advancement and development in her painting, as well as a potential that in the future we will see better and better paintings by her. What is most important in her paintings is that she gives maximum professionalism and honesty, and emotionally works on the motifs touching the theme of Impressionism. Natasha takes a well-deserved place in the artistic elite in Ohrid, said Zhupan.

At the opening of the exhibition, d-r Natasha Poposka – Karche said that these several years reminded us that everything can disappear and that it is very important to leave a trace behind oneself.

– While creating, I realised that observing the human in oneself is much more difficult than observing the humane around the world and the time we live in. We shouldn’t be only observing, we also have to act. We should give, create, leave a trace that will be a proof of our existence, here, on the Earth, that we have dwelled here all together, said Poposka – Karche.

As she added, “I am painting with you” is part of her soul.

–       Those are the pieces hidden behind the veil of the incvisible. I paint what I feel. If I could turn my back to each thought of mine, and each feeling, these canvases wouldn’t be created, pointed out d-r Poposka – KarcheThis is her second exhibition within the Ohrid Summer Festival, and the author dedicated it to the late d-r Dragan Spaseski – Ohridski, who, as she said, was her mentor, but also a great human who touched the city and the Festival with his visions, creations and spirituality.