Ohrid Summer Festival today celebrates its 62nd  birthday

“The fourth of August, the day when Ohrid Summer Festival started, the day when we pay respect to the opera diva Ana Lipsha Tofovikj, we celebrate excitedly, yet responsibly because of the significance and greatness of this musical and performing event of ours. Throughout the years, here, on the festival stage, the most renowned names in the sphere of music and theatre have performed. The sounds of classical music in the beautiful St Sophia, the grandious and unique Ancient Theatre and  the attractive theatre plays are only a proof that the ancient Ohrid has nourished music and theatre perfection for more than half a century.

This is what the director of NI Ohrid Summer Festival, Natasha Popovikj, said on the today’s press-conference dedicated to the concert of the Flamenco ballet LUXURIA, one of the most spectacular flamenco productions in the world which would mark the 62nd birthday of Ohrid Summer Festival.

She added that over 1000 artists, actors, theatre workers, soloists, choir singers, musicians this year, at the 62nd Festival edition are conveying the beauty of art and do magic enjoyed by numerous art lovers.

– For most of the events the venues are packed, which is a proof for us that we are on the right direction. We stay dedicated to what previous generations have started before us, to their strives Ohrid Summer Festival to be the biggest, most valuable and most significant, pointed out Popovikj.

Announcing the birthday concert tonight at the Ancient Theatre with Flamenco ballet “Luxuria” from Spain, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Spani in our country, Jose Luis Lozano Garcia, for the occasion of the birthday of the Festival, reminded that this festival is the most prestigious international festival in the Republic of North Macedonia, which after its foundation in 1961 has presented renowned artists from around the world.

– The Spanish Embassy in Skopje has collaborated with the Festival in order ro present Spanish musicians at this prestigious Festival in the uncomparable ambience of Ohrid, UNESCO classified as a mutual humankind heritage. It is an honour for the Spanish Embassy to be part of this international festival. Thanks to the organizers and the city of Ohrid and the state subjects for the cooperation, especially the President of the Republic of Macedonia and the Ministry of Culture. We hope that the flamenco concert, suggested by the Minister of Culture herself, will be well accepted by the audience of this great festival, said the Spanish Ambassador Jose Luis Lozano Garcia.

As the music and drama selectors of Ohrid Summer Festival, Bisera Chadlovska and Sanja Arsovska, the concert and theatre performances so far at the 62nd Ohrid Summer Festival have brought much of an excitement among the audience because of their quality.

-So far we have had many successful concerts with amazing artists from our country and around the world. We are happy for their success and packed venues. After the Flamenco Ballet “Luxuria” tonight, we have more upcoming successful concerts. I am happy when such successful festival days happen and I think that this festival is very important for our country as a cultural tradition to continue with the same intensity, pointed out the music selector Chadlovska.

The drama programme selector, Sanja Arsovska, congratulating the birthday of the Festival, highlighted that the Festival is a harbour for the most quality theatre creations.

– Thanks to the Ohrid Summer Festival, in the pasr 20 days Ohrid has been the harbour of the most quality theatre plays, of a mixture of drama styles and stage languages, narratives with which we have proven that the art of theatre is breathing significantly, strongly and healthy. To the end of this festival edition, we have four more plays to anchor our theatre harbour. I would like to congratulate the 62nd birthday to Ohrid Summer Festival and wish it to to shine on brightest among the international festivals of such type, added the selector Arsovska.

The honour to celebrate the birthday of Ohrid Summer Festival has Flamenco ballet “Luxuria” from Barcelona, Spain, which will perform tonight at the Ancient Theatre from 9 p.m.

Haime Trancoso from the management of the Flamenco agency thanked the organization of this event, the director Natasha Popovikj and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain.

-It is a priviledge to perform at the 62nd anniversary of the Festival, and for us it is very important that we were preparing this performance before the pandemics, and now is the time to show it on stage, said Trancoso.

The main dancers tonight will be David Gutyeres and Paula Reyes.

-The first impressions are magical. We are amazed by Ohrid, but also by the climate because Spain currently faces a heatwave. Many thanks to the organization of the Festival and the Embassy of Spain for the support. I invite people from Ohrid to come and enjoy the show tonight, which has been very well accepted internationally. What they could see tonight is a performance of classical flamenco with modern elements, announced Gutyeres.- For us this concert tonight is very important because we perform for a new audience for the first time. Added Reyes.