Master performance of “War and peace” with the actors from the National theatre in Belgrade

One of the most influential pieces in world literature, “War and Peace” by Lav Nikolaevic Tolstoy yesterday evening was set on the Dolny Saray stage within the drama programme of the Ohrid Summer Festival. 

The ever-actual universe, masterfully directed by Boris Lijeshevic, was brought by the excellent actors from the National Theatre from Belgrade, Serbia in a three-hour play. For the National Theatre from Belgrade the new dramatization of this masterpiece was made by the writer and playwright Fedor Suli in cooperation with the director Lijeshevic.

In the choice of acting crew, besides the well-known actors, there were young actors whose characters were their first roles. The artistic team was made by collaborators with long cooperation with the director.

– It is hard to take a single thing out of such a novel. There are plenty of things here. Thinking of the characters about God, eternity, love as a perspective, love as a way of life… There are many things for life’s key moments, when someone perceives and touches the essence which is actually here, and has been here the whole time. This essence is actually peace, which could not be seen because of the war, says the director Lijesevic.

According to him, one has a constant battle with themselves, with the environment, with life, with God…

– Peace is actually the world. War and peace, as principles according to which life and world functions are like two forces moving the world and history, but above all the human. War and peace, as inseparable whole, is something we cannot understand. Like a map we follow, a wheel in which we move like circus mice. War and peace together make the whole of our lives, added Lijesevic.

His year-long experience in theatre creation has resulted in many successful and numerous awarded theatre plays, and the play “War and Peace” is his most fascinating theatre project so far.