“Ohrid Summer” continues with concerts throughout the year, tonight Easter concert “Your Resurrection”

In the organization of NU “Ohridsko leto” and on the occasion of the great religious holiday of Easter, a concert “Your Resurrection” will be held tonight in the church “Sveta Sofia” in Ohrid starting at 8:00 p.m. with the Women’s Chamber Choir “Sveta Zlata Meglenska” from Skopje under the conductorship baton of Letka Dimovska Polizova will perform soloists Nadezhda Ruben, Jasmina Dimitrovska and Aneta Batalakovska.

From NU “Ohridsko leto” they say that this kind of novelty is to the delight of the audience. According to the director of the Festival, Natasa Popovic, the goal is to create opportunities for the enjoyment of the lovers of top art, because “Ohrid summer” is the biggest and most significant musical and stage manifestation in our country.

“After the successfully held concerts, the New Year’s and Women’s Day concerts, we are announcing another beautiful event that will take place outside the traditional framework of “Ohrid Summer”. With that, we succeed in enriching the cultural offer of the city, but we also realize the set goals, that the Festival expands the festival program throughout the whole year”, says Popović.

According to Popović, “Ohrid Summer” needs continuous action, not just events placed in a festival framework.

Tickets for tonight’s concert at a price of 200 denars can be purchased at the entrance of the Church of St. Sofia before the start of the concert.

“St. Zlata Meglenska” through its 27 years of continuous operation has become a choral nursery and a cultural temple where with great love and devotion it encouraged and put into operation all choral ensembles for the affirmation of Orthodox choral music around the world.

“St. Zlata Meglenska” is promoted to the public as a cultural ambassador and organizer of a series of important international and national festivals, competitions, concerts, lectures and similar events in the field of choral culture. Apart from playing music and friendly fellowship, the choir strives to raise patriotic feelings, awaken national consciousness and nurture traditional values.

The women’s chamber choir “Sveta Zlata Meglenska” from Skopje was formed in 1996. It is composed of 22 female vocalists, most of whom are young academically educated musicians and students of the Faculty of Music in Skopje and from other state universities in the Republic of North Macedonia. The founder, conductor and artistic director of the choir is the academic musician Letka Dimovska Polizova.