Refined choral music with angelic voices from “Sveta Zlata Meglenska”

In the typical sacral setting of the church “Sveta Sofia” in Ohrid, the Women’s Chamber Choir “Sveta Zlata Meglenska” organized a wonderful spiritual celebration in the spirit of Orthodox church singing yesterday evening.

The Easter concert entitled “Your Resurrection” was organized by NU “Ohridsko Leto”, an institution that remains consistent in presenting and promoting high artistic values.

The repertoire of the wonderful choral ensemble sounded with amazing beauty, instilling peace, tranquility, joy and sublimity in the present audience precisely because of the rapturous musicianship, refined aesthetics and exceptional sensibility of the members of this choral ensemble.

  • Huge thanks to the “Ohrid summer” institution that we had the honor to be part of the program activities of the festival. We are especially glad that we held the Easter concert “Your Resurrection” in front of the Ohrid audience and the general public, in view of the biggest holiday of Orthodox Christians. It is a great pleasure because the Ohrid audience is very familiar to us. Together we celebrate the Easter holiday in a convenient way. The repertoire was dedicated, exclusively church Orthodox music from domestic and international authors, said the creator of the concert, Letka Dimovska-Polizova, under whose baton this event was held.

Every performance of the Women’s Chamber Choir “Sveta Zlata Meglenska” is a special experience, especially since it is an ensemble with a high European and world reputation, whose concert stages and international competitions have won many awards and recognitions.

The choir is composed of 22 angelic voices, lovers of choral chamber music, most of whom are young academically educated musicians, female students from the Faculty of Music in Skopje and from other universities in the country. Academic musician Letka Dimovska Polizova is the founder, conductor and artistic director.