“The Ladies of Avignon” – demystification of the five women from Picasso’s painting.

Last night, the “Ohrid Summer” festival presented the ballet performance “The Ladies of Avignon” performed by the National Opera and Ballet of the Republic of North Macedonia for the audience.

In the extraordinary setting of Dolni Saraj, the ballet in nine scenes spoke about the five women, the five courtesans who marked the tumultuous life of the great artist Pablo Picasso, their lives, and their quest for love, death, and freedom.

The choreographer and director of this ballet performance, Olga Pango, says that the ballet was worked on by a home team for about three months, but wherever it has been performed, it has received positive reviews.

“The Ladies of Avignon” is a demystification of the eponymous painting by the artist Pablo Picasso, which we created together with Sasha Dimoski, the librettist of this performance, and Kaliope Bukle, the composer of the music. The performance is crafted in a neoclassical style characteristic of our troupe, and the dancers are very familiar with it. We faced numerous challenges while touring the region with this ballet performance, but everywhere we went, we received positive reviews,” says director and choreographer Olga Pango.

Last night, the audience enjoyed  the magnificent ballet performances by Alexandra Mijalkova, Mimi Pop-Aleksova Atanasovska, Ivana Koceska, Sasha Evtimova, Hristina Nakjevska, Miroslav Mitrasinovikj, Balazs Locei, Agim Bafthi, and Endru Kuk. Their ballet artistry was truly captivating.