The actors from Novi Sad are bringing “Anna Karenina” to the “Ohrid Summer” festival.

The theatrical repertoire of the 63rd “Ohrid Summer” continues this evening with the theater performance of “Anna Karenina – There is No More or Less in Love” by Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy, directed by Dejan Projkovski and performed by the theater “Ujvideki Szinhaz” from Novi Sad, Serbia. The play will take place on the stage at the “Grigor Prlicev” Cultural Center, starting at 9:00 PM.

The role of Anna Karenina is portrayed by actress Beresh Marta, Alexei Karenin by Attila Nemeth, and the character of Alexei Vronsky will be portrayed by Arpad Meszaros. Besides them, a plethora of other actors from the Novi Sad theater ensemble will also perform.

The choreographer for the theatrical performance is Olga Pango, Valentin Svetozarev is the set designer, and Maria Pupuchevska is responsible for the costumes.

“Our Anna Karenina is a woman – in fact, it doesn’t matter whether she’s a woman or a man – a person who wants to be happy. Through her character, we open many doors and explore what love actually means, how much a person is willing to sacrifice, how much they are willing to surpass themselves and their fears to find the meaning of their existence. In this sense, Anna Karenina in our play is a complex system, and she, as well as all the other characters – Karenin, Vronsky, Levin, Kitty – have their own story, their struggle. Thus, this performance shows that black is never entirely black, white is never entirely white, and, in fact, there are many shades inside, and that is, in fact, our life,” says director Dejan Projkovski.

The two-and-a-half-hour theatrical performance “Anna Karenina” is not suitable for an audience younger than 16 years old.