Evening Concert of chamber ensemble ‘Camerata Academica’ at ‘Ohrid Summer’

The chamber ensemble “Camerata Academica” from Slovenia will have an evening concert tonight as part of the music program of the festival “Ohrid Summer.” The concert will take place at the Cathedral Church of St. Sophia starting at 9 PM. The performers include flutist Karolina Shantl-Zhupan, oboist Matej Sharz, clarinetist Joze Kotar, Zoran Mitev on bassoon, Joze Rosher on horn, and saxophonist Miha Rogina. The ensemble, comprising a sextet of flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, and saxophone, is particularly interesting due to the tonal diversity of the instruments, which allows for rich timbral nuances and opportunities for intense musical performance.

During the concert, the ensemble will have a world premiere of the composition “Born with Poppies – Variations for Wind Sextet on a Folk Song” by Sasho Livrinski, a piece written specifically for “Chamber Academica” at “Ohrid Summer.” Additionally, the repertoire includes works by B. Heiden, L. Janacek, M. Eshen, and S. Kravos.

“Chamber Academica” is composed of Slovenian musicians who are professors at the Music Academy in Ljubljana and are also soloists with the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra. Established in 2020 to promote the class of woodwind musicians at the Music Academy, the ensemble’s composition varies depending on the program’s requirements and the repertoire’s needs.

In their concerts, apart from works written for the ensemble, “Camerata Academica” also perform transcriptions of pieces originally written for other types of wind ensembles or transcriptions of works for string ensembles. This allows the ensemble’s repertoire to be exceptionally broad, ranging from early masters to compositions from contemporary literature. The performances of the ensemble are captivating due to the variety of the program and the technical and virtuoso qualities of the artists.