The duo “Gelebeshevi” – perfectionists in musical creation.

The artists of the piano duo “Gelebeshevi” took care of the splendid musical evening at the “Ohrid Summer” festival last night. Extraordinary pianists Katerina Kostadinovska-Gelebesheva and Grigor Gelebeshev beautifully captivated the audience with their carefully selected repertoire and their exceptional pianistic artistry.

According to music experts and critics, the performances by the “Gelebeshevi” duo are characterized by perfection in musical creation, capturing the essential qualities of compositions from technical, artistic, and stylistic aspects. This was confirmed by their performance last night under the acoustic vaults of the Cathedral Church “Saint Sophia.”

– Excitement and nervousness are present before every performance. But this performance at the “Ohrid Summer” festival represents a great honor and pleasure for me. It’s the second time we’re performing at “Ohrid Summer” with a full-length program, and the satisfaction is even greater as we are playing on a beautiful instrument in a magnificent acoustic space and in front of an appreciative audience, says pianist Katerina Kostadinovska-Gelebesheva.

The repertoire of the “Gelebeshevi” duo is a selection of colorful pieces with diverse stylistic and genre definitions that vividly showcase the aesthetic affinity of both artists.

– Four years ago, on this stage, we had a piano program for four hands. This year, the program in the first part is for four-handed piano, and in the second part, it’s for two pianos. It was interesting while we were preparing it, and I hope it was just as intriguing for the audience, says pianist Grigor Gelebeshv.

Two prominent Macedonian pianists who share both the stage and their private lives possess rich and diverse artistic sensibilities, unified in a successful and harmonious entity – the piano duo “Gelebeshevi.” They are recognizable on the concert scene for their unique creative performance, characteristic of highly talented and well-prepared artists. With their inspirational interpretations, they manage to capture the attention of even the most discerning audience.

– A shared private life is certainly a significant advantage for this type of musical collaboration. Understanding, respect, and shared life bring their own benefits and challenges, adds Kostadinovska-Gelebesheva.

The repertoire of the “Gelebeshevi” duo is a selection of vibrant pieces with diverse stylistic and genre definitions, which vividly represent the aesthetic affinity of the two artists. Starting from the classics and Mozart’s sonatas, their concert programs include original works for piano – four hands, as well as pieces for two pianos, with a special emphasis on the Romantic era: Schubert, Chopin, Rossini, Brahms, Dvorak, Chabrier, Liszt, as well as the various colors and sounds of the 20th century – Debussy, Ravel, Rachmaninoff, Khachaturian, Bartok, Barber, and a range of compositions from contemporary composers of the 20th and 21st centuries.

With the aim of promoting Macedonian musical culture beyond the borders of their country, the duo pays special attention to performing pieces by contemporary Macedonian composers. Additionally, the transcriptions of well-known orchestral and chamber works, prepared by pianist Grigor Gelebeshev specifically for the duo, undoubtedly provide their performances with an additional creative and artistic dimension.