“Sergej is very stupid” tonight on the drama repertoire of Ohrid Summer Festival.

The drama repertoire of the “Ohrid Summer” festival continues tonight with the theatrical performance “Sergej is very stupi” by Dimitri Danilov, directed by Dejana Nikolovska, and performed by the Grigor Prlicev National Theatre – Ohrid.

The performance will take place at the Grigor Prlicev Cultural Center, starting at 9 PM. It features performances by Nikola Todoroski, Strezho Stamatovski, Goran Stojanoski, Filip Kiprovski, and Leonida Gulevska.

In the drama “Sergej is very stupid,” a situation unfolds where the boundaries of reality in the life of a contemporary character, a computer programmer, are shattered when absurdity enters his life unexpectedly and in a grandiose manner. Sergej is expected to quickly and skillfully learn to communicate with it, something for which he hasn’t pre-written any “code.”

In the play, a simple life situation suddenly transforms into an existential one. Delivery couriers unexpectedly arrive at the programmer’s doorstep and inform him that they intend to spend exactly one hour with Sergej, after which they will give him a package with unknown contents. From this moment on, a surreal show begins that engages the audience in a dynamic game where dialogues and characters shatter all expected theatrical stereotypes, and the ending becomes completely unpredictable for the viewers. Fear of the encounter with the “unknown,” the attempt to view initial things from a new angle, all of this pulls the character away from the usual routine and shatters his world. Nothing makes sense anymore. Ordinary life has turned into absurdity.