The play “The Lie” will bring down the curtain on the 63rd “Ohrid Summer” tonight.

Impressive, exciting, and dazzling experiences from the top concerts and theatrical performances that we presented at this 63rd festival edition in the authentic locations of the Ancient Theater, St. Sophia Church, St. Sophia Forecourt, Dolni Saraj, and the Cultural Center, are evidence that the “Ohrid Summer” festival is unique and distinct, recognizable and unparalleled in our region, as one of the most prominent cultural events in Europe and the world. A festival that ranks among the top five in the European Festival Association. This was stated today at the closing press conference on the occasion of this year’s festival edition by the director of the National Institution “Ohrid Summer,” Natasa Popovic.

– We have realized astonishing events that the audience followed with immense joy. For most of the events, tickets were in high demand, and we have recorded a 50 percent increase in ticket sales. What is particularly significant for us is the record attendance of foreign audiences. Reservations were made from England, France, Turkey, Serbia, America, Canada, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Hungary, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Russia, Belgium, Australia, Brazil, and Israel. This is proof that the power of music and theater knows no boundaries. Around 1000 artists, actors, theater professionals, soloists, choristers, musicians… contributed a part of themselves to make this year’s edition of “Ohrid Summer” elevated and successful. Over the past 40 days, we created beauty and inscribed world-renowned artists in the festival’s history, enriching the greatness of the festival, said Popovic.

The selector of the music program of the festival, Bisera Chadlovska, stated that this year the quality of the musical repertoire of the festival was not compromised.

– Over the past 40 days, we have said everything we had to say for this year. I’ll let the works speak for themselves, and as selectors, I wish for us to surpass ourselves next year. At the end of the entire festival and after the last concert that took place yesterday as part of the “Ohrid Summer” program, all that remains is for us to express our gratitude to all the staff of the National Institution “Ohrid Summer” for their selfless support and their immense effort they put into this festival, said Chadlovska.

According to the selector of the drama program, Sanja Arsovka, this year’s festival edition, in terms of theater performances, is one of the most successful.

– As we can see from the impressions of the audience, this was an exceptionally successful edition. This is also reflected in the interests and ticket sales for the theater performances. We had a truly rich theater program, starting with the off-production of “The Bull of Phalaris,” through the spectacular “The Confessions of a Serial Killer” with John Malkovich, “Anna Karenina” by Projkovski, Zholtakov’s “Edward II,” “Sergey Is Very Stupid” by the Ohrid National Theater, the magical “Decameron” by the Prilep Theater, the incredible “Nora” by Nela Vitošević, and this summer will be remembered as special, including the closing event that will happen tonight, with the performance “The Lie” directed by Nikola Žuća and produced by the Belgrade Drama Theater, said Arsovka.

The curtain of this year’s festival edition will be lowered tonight at 9:00 PM at the Ancient Theater with the theater performance “The Lie” and the extraordinary actors from the Belgrade Drama Theater.

– This is the first participation of the Belgrade Drama Theater in the “Ohrid Summer” festival, which is impressive to us because we consider “Ohrid Summer” to be one of the most significant festivals not only in the region but also more broadly. We are excited to perform tonight in front of an audience of more than two thousand. The Belgrade Drama Theater is the oldest city theater in Belgrade, founded in 1947. Our intention is to promote new trends in theater. And tonight’s performance of “The Lie” follows that path, directed by Nikola Ljuca, an extraordinary young artist who excels both in theater and film. For this play, which is part of our repertoire, not a single ticket remained unsold until now, said the director of the Belgrade Drama Theater, Jug Radivojević.

In the play “The Lie,” the cast includes Miloš Biković, who is considered one of the most popular actors in the region, Tamara Krčunović, Jelisaveta Teodosić, and Miodrag Radojić.

– We had a very interesting process during the creation of this play. Director Ljuca constantly brought us back to the basic acting tasks. Throughout the entire process, we collaborated with him, but also among ourselves as actors, clarified actress Jelisaveta Teodosić.

– I am particularly pleased to work with colleagues who are very disciplined and always focused on what we are doing. Every time we change the environment, which is not easy for this type of play, which is done in an ambient setting, said actress Tamara Krčunović.

One of the most popular actors in the region, Miloš Biković, is coming to Ohrid for the first time through this play, and as he said, he is pleasantly surprised by the city, its beauty, and the scale of the “Ohrid Summer” festival.

– I really like Ohrid and the lake, but also how you maintain the level of this festival. As for the play itself, you get the impression that the lines are very natural, as if you’ve walked into a bedroom and are listening to a conversation. Tonight, it will be a challenge for us to perform in front of two thousand viewers at the Ancient Theatre and still maintain the feeling of being in someone’s bedroom, emphasized Biković.

The play “The Lie” also features actor Miodrag Radojčić, a television, film, and theater actor, as well as a producer.

– What I extracted from this play is that in order to lie successfully, one has to integrate that lie into their life, remember it, and believe in it. Then, it becomes a sort of truth that displaces another truth in their life. In short, a person sacrifices some truth for the sake of a lie, said Radojčić.

The team from the Belgrade Drama Theatre received gifts from the “Ohrid Pearl Filevi” brand and from the honorary consul of the Republic of Serbia in the country, Mihajlo Filev.