Cuban Evening

Within the realm of dance and music in Cuba and following its Hispanic root, there is ECOS, a Flamenco Company founded in 1999 by an experienced group of dancers and musicians who are devoted in the artistic production, teaching and promotion of the flamenco art. ECOS is represented by the Havana Dance Center, the National Council of Stage Arts, Ministry of Culture, Cuba. Its artistic cast owns a high technical and expressive level, recognized talent and has received technical training by oustanding pedagogues, dancers, Cuban choreographers and by universal figures of flamenco. Its stage work has been reinforced in the diverse shows presented in the main theaters of Havana and the country, also its participation in repeated festival editions, national and international events with presentations in all the theaters of the country. ECOS has also had international presentations in the Zayed Heritage Festival in Abu Dhabi, the Arab Emirates and in the Arts Festival in Kuwait. Since 2009, the first ballerina and choreographer, artistic director and founder Ana Rosa Meneses together with the musician, singer, musical director and founder Miguel Chávez, begin an aware work towards a creative search where the Spanish and Cuban world unveil new expressive and artistic fields showing the result of an investigation process about the incorporation of yoruba, country music and dance elements from Cuba’s popular music and diverse flamenco genres. ECOS also foresees the formation and broadcasting of flamenco through courses, workshops, clubs with its Flamenco School and within the Flamenco Club, led by dance and music teaching and the formation of an audience to enjoy and prefer it. Its pedagogical team gives singing, dance and toque workshops and flamenco conferences, besides the Cuban popular dances.   Program:   “Son Flamenco”  
  1. Avezuela
  2. Sing girl
  3. Alfonsina
  4. The glory are you
  5. It is in love
  6. Twenty years
  7. Tanguillo
  interval –  
  1. Guajira
  2. Milonga
  3. Loquillo
  4. Hare
  5. Guantanamera
  6. Flamenco Cuba
  7. Roces
  8. Rumba