Theatre play “The girl with the strings” by Marjan Necak and Maja Hrgovic

    “The girl with the strings” is a contemporary drama/opera about a violinist travelling by train through Europe. The travel represents the story of her life. In the beginning she is a girl that dreams of becoming a musician, but her father has spent her tuition money. Later she is an old woman still trying to find her place under the sky after being a busker all her life. She is burdened by the difficult financial situation, the complicated relationship with her estranged father, trying to find her place in Europe which becomes socially exclusive and divided by barbed wire, walls and limitations. A universal story which tells the hardships of many talented individuals trying to find their way in a very selective world. This intimate drama is the backdrop of the socio-economic events of today’s Europe, taking place on the verge of reality and dreams. It portrays well known situations on border crossings, stations- where times and languages intertwine with the music and poetry, with the bitterness and beauty of life.   Marjan Nechak (b. 1976) started his music education in his home town Bitola, displaying his interest in composition at a very early age. In 2003 he started teaching singing and interpretation at the Faculty for Drama in Skopje, while composing music for drama, opera, ballet, musicals, film, TV and various performances. His musical style combines electronic music and Balkan folklore. In 2015 Marjan Nechak established Moving Music Theatre (MMT) in Bitola. This contemporary music theatre embraces opera, the visual arts and educational projects aimed at a wide international audience. His music has been critically acclaimed at more than 40 International festivals and he has been awarded 8 prizes for original music at the “Vojdan Chernodrinski” Festival, at the International festival in Rijeka, an award for best film score at the International film festival in Montreal etc. In 2013 Marjan Nechak made his debut as a stage director.   Songs: Ana Bunteska Dramaturg: Darja Dominkush Sound, lighting and set designer: Marjan Nechak Costumes: Natasha Filipovic Video designer: Marin Lukanovic Choreographer:  Zigan Kranjchar Language consultant: Tatjana Stanic Translation of the verses in English: Elena Kitanovska Translation of the text in English: Maja Hrgovic Translation of parts of the text in German: Valentina Ilievska   Cast: Her: Barbara Cerar Him: Urosh Furst Policeman’s voice: Branko Shturbej   The performance is suitable for all ages