Premiere of the Theatre play “The Misanthrope” by Moliere

This serious comedy is an insight oh the human soul and as important as it was in the time it was written (17th century)-it still strongly resonates today. Travelling with us is like watching a shadow’s dance. If the first line is the one of the shadow, our misanthrope draws a line asking the ontological question: which is the safer way- the one of the lie or the one of the notorious truth. Which choice holds the salvation, and is there at all a real truth? Do the euphemisms of the contemporary ultra-hyper ortho and onto human change the line of his shadow if he starts telling of the things as they really are. But careful with the future- the shadow of today’s human regardless of the choices he makes will touch the gates of hell. This is undoubtedly a dramatic search in who is the misanthrope in the play- is it Alceste or Oronte, or maybe Celimene, Arsinoe? Alceste and Philinte, Arsinoe and Celimene, as all the characters in this tragicomedy are dramaturgically bipolar, thorn between the fear and passion, sense and sensibility. Sometimes these fights and these bipolar disorders can be funny and entertaining and that could possibly be the cure and salvation. Laughter! Even bitter, it can be our savior. Darko Jan Spasov, dramaturg Ana Vukotic (b. 1977 in Podgorica) graduated theatre directing form the Faculty of dramatic arts in Cetinje in 2004 in the class of professors Egon Savin and Radmila Vojvodic. She is the recipient of numerous directing prizes at local and regional theatre festivals for her “Don Juan” at the Festival “Small stages” in Rijeka, the special prize “Veljko Maricic” for contemporary interpretation of drama classic.  The play “Don Juan” of the directed by Vukotic was awarded several “Ardalion” prizes at the Theatre festival in Uzhice, and her “Deadly sins” was given the award for the best overall performance and brought her the best director prize at the First festival od Montenegrin theatre in 2007, as well as the accolade for best director of the Montenegrin national theatre in the season 2006/2007.   Dramaturgy: Darko Jan Spasov Coreography: Sonja Vukicevic Scenography: Jelena Tomashevic Costumes: Lina Lekovic Music Composer: Aleksandar Radunovic – Popeye   Cast: Alceste: Atanas Atanasovski Philinte: Aleksandar Mihajlovski Oronte: Stole Micov Celimene: Mirjana P. Ristov Eliante: Magdalena Rizova-Chernih Arsinoe: Zhaklina Petrovska-Miljanovska Acaste: Ilija Ilioski Clitandre: Zharko Dimoski Basque: Viktor Arsov Du Bois: Erdoan Maksut   Not recommended for children under 16 years of age