Professional mixed choir “ProArs”; Conductor: Sasho Tatarchevski

Programme:   Archbishop Ionafan: In thy kingdom (solo Jane DunimagloskI) Sergei Rachmaninoff: Come let us worship
  1. I. Tchaikovsky: The symbol of faith
Pavel Chesnokov: The eternal council (solo Isabela Dimovska) Alfred Schnittke: Three sacred hymns -Hail Mary full of grace – Lord Jesus – Our Father Kiril Makedonski: Cherubic hymn Tomislav Zografski: Siyaniem (solo Martin Blazhevski) Mykola Leontovych:In our yard (solo Elena Vasova) Miodrag Govedarica: Two spiritual choirs – God, save the faithful – Body of Christ Yuri Falik: Holly God Petar Dinev: It is truly meet Ostap Manulyak: Oh Lord, Dearest Lord!   The “Pro Ars” mixed choir was founded in 2011 by Sasho Tatarchevski, it`s artistic leader and conductor. Since the first concert, it became evident that the choir brings a whole different level of artistry to the choral scene. Every concert brought a completely new programming, without limitations of style or complexity of the music. Due to its versatility and mobility, the choir made a lot of premiere performance of new compositions, and is a strong advocate of Macedonian choral music, and stimulates young composers to create new works for mixed choir. “Pro Ars” is also very engaged in performing vocal-instrumental music with the Macedonian philharmonic, the orchestra of the Macedonian opera and ballet and other ensembles. Recent highlights include the performances of Beethoven`s Ninth symphony led by the famous Austrian conductor Gustav Kuhn, the “Planets” suite by Holst, several masses by Mozart, Ola Gjeilo`s “Sunrise mass” and Beethoven`s unique choral fantasy. “Pro Ars” is the resident choir at the FAMES recording studio in Skopje, doing a lot of music for high budget international motion pictures, educational and TV programs and music albums of all genres. Also, the choir is a regular participant to all the professional events in Macedonia like the famous Ohrid summer festival or the “Days of Macedonian music” festival. The choir has also made very successful international appearances, presenting Macedonian choral music and orthodox choral music to the audiences in Austria, Bulgaria and Greece. The members of the choir are young and vocally educated and very enthusiastic individuals, prepared to answer to all demands of the choral music literature.   Sasho Tatarchevski-conductor   Sasho Tatarchevski was born in Bitola, Republic of Macedonia, where he starts his music education. He earns his master`s degree of choral, symphonic and opera conducting at the Faculty of Music in Skopje. He also participates in conducting master classes in New York, Rome, Berlin, St. Petersburg, Florence, Sarteano and Moscow. ​Mr. Tatarchevski has performed with the Bitola chamber orchestra, the Macedonian philharmonic, the Macedonian opera and ballet, Orchestra Sinfonica di ICE – Rome, “Hermitage” Symphony Orchestra, the Bitola opera, the modern music ensembles “Alea” and “ConTempora”, the Symphony orchestra of the FM, “The soloists of the FM”, the Symphony orchestra of the BSF and many other choral, chamber and symphonic ensembles. Besides in Macedonia he has performed in numerous concerts and won international accolades with various ensembles in Portugal, Slovenia, UK, Belgium, Greece, Switzerland, Spain, Croatia, Italy, Serbia, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Russia, Austria, France, Slovakia and Turkey. He also won several conducting prizes. ​At the moment he works as a professor of orchestral and choral conducting at the Faculty of Music in Skopje and conductor of the FM Symphony orchestra, the “Dragan Shuplevski” mixed choir, the Female choir of the Youth center and the “Pro Ars” professional chamber choir. Also, he is a regular jury member of several international competitions and artistic director of the Choral Forum in Struga.